Dragotto Farm

Sustainability, biodiversity, research

Officially, our adventure has begun on 7th July 2017. Unofficially, its origin lies far back into our history, with our great-grandfather Giuseppe, the first member of the family to pursue that interest for what he called “the green gold”. Later this passion was inherited by grandfather Vincenzo and eventually by Marco, fourth generation representative and, together with the other family members, founder of the Dragotto Farm.

Our farm is placed on a 10 hectares plot of land in Castelvetrano, the heart of La Valle del Belice. A little piece of paradise where it’s possible to enjoy the Mediterranean sea breeze.

The land is used for agri-food production only, olive groves in the first place.

The first people who settled here about 2700 years ago valued everything the surrounding offered them, infact the olive oil production had already an important role at that time, as the ancient olive grinders found in Selinunte testify.

Years of evolution led, since 1700, to one of the most famous and esteemed italian olive varieties: Nocellara del Belice.
In horticulture, Nocellara goes under “cultivar”, a classification used for man-made varieties. Plants that get selected are the ones with the best genetic traits, both in terms of amount of olives produced and in terms of resistance to climatic adversities.

The Dragotto Farm relies on rigorous research activities, making the production of a high quality extra-virgin olive oil possible. The strict attention to every phase of the production process has allowed us to obtain, from the beginning, the major certifications PGI “Sicilia” and PDO “Valle del Belice”.

Oil with intense green colour, relevant sensory properties, unique aroma and flavour like grass, tomato and artichoke flavour. Depending on the harvesting season, hence on the olive ripeness level, fruity flavour can vary, from medium to intense, always with bitter and pungent well balanced.

What we do

The Dragotto Farm is specialized in Nocellara del Belice olives (the only product in Europe to have two PDO certifications for the same variety: “Valle del Belice” for oil and “Nocellara del Belice” for the table olives) from which the farm extracts a top quality olive oil, with superb organoleptic properties.

From the harvesting, solely hand-picking, to cold extraction, we pay utmost attention to every phase of the process, respecting PDO “Valle del Belice”, PGI “Sicilia” and organic farming rules and regulations.

Dragotto Farm products, tell a story made of flavours, scents and colours that remind of the ancient Sicily.

Valle del Belice, is a place full of history and natural beauties.


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